2013 Conferences and Symposiums

February 3 – 8 International Winter Symposium in Intensive Care Medicine [Grindelwald, Switzerland]
March 5-6 International Plasma Protein Congress (IPPC)Dublin, Ireland
March 19-22 33nd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine [Brussels, Belgium]
April 22-25 19th Annual International Society for Cellular Therapy Meeting [Auckland, New Zealand]
April 23-24 IPFA/PEI 20th International Workshop on Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens [Helsinki, Finland]
April 24 Frontiers in Critical Care [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
May 20-24 HEMATOLOGY 2013 - IV International Workshop on Hemophilia [La Habana, Cuba]
May 23-26 8th C-1 Inhibitor Deficiency Workshop [Budapest, Hungary]
June 2-5 23rd Regional Congress of the ISBT [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
June 10-14 6th Annual Emerging Technologies in the OR and Great Fluid Debate [Lake Buena Vista, Florida]
June 11-12 Plasma Protein Forum;  Reston, Virginia, United States
June 29-July 7 XXIV International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis Congress [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
October 4-6 European Haemophilia Consortium Conference [Bucharest, Romania]
October 9-13 The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Congress [Barcelona Spain]
October 13 Source Business Forum (PPTA Members Only); Denver, Colorado, United States
October 13-19 International Plasma Awareness Week  NEW
Oct 29-Nov 1 16th Biennial Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) [Prague, Czech Republic]
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