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PlasmaProteins For individuals with #rarediseases --like primary immunodeficiency--timely diagnosis, access to specialists and #plasmaprotein therapies are life-saving. #ShowYourStripes bit.ly/2JFf1Db pic.twitter.com/fvO1nfG10q
1 day ago.
PlasmaProteins For Sam, access to #plasmaprotein therapies allows him to do more of what he loves, like playing in the school band. Read Sam's story: bit.ly/2yRIPJn pic.twitter.com/pECj0zihtw
3 days ago.

Donor ethics letter submitted to the Expert Panel on Immune Globulin Product Supply and Related Impacts in Canada

Ethicists and Economists express concerns about banning compensation for plasma donors with regards to ensuring the security of a safe Immune Globulin Product Supply.

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