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PlasmaProteins Amy Efantis, President & CEO of @PlasmaProteins is grateful for all plasma donors and plasma collectors. Read more here: bit.ly/2N4ExoU pic.twitter.com/rWLUcZ9COe
6 days ago.
PlasmaProteins “Ultimately, what drives my colleagues on the Board, my company, and the staff at PPTA is a focus on patients...” Karen Etchberger, of @CSLBehring , reflects on her election as Chair of @plasmaproteins Global Board of Directors. bit.ly/2u61VeZ pic.twitter.com/QKhDPwL1e0
7 days ago.

Donor ethics letter submitted to the Expert Panel on Immune Globulin Product Supply and Related Impacts in Canada

Ethicists and Economists express concerns about banning compensation for plasma donors with regards to ensuring the security of a safe Immune Globulin Product Supply.

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