PPTA Highlights Importance of Patient Access to Plasma Protein Therapies

On July 16, the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) submitted comments following the Trump administration’s “American Patients First” drug policy blueprint. In any discussions impacting the ability of individuals living with rare, chronic, and life-threatening diseases, PPTA remains steadfast to its mission to promote the availability of and access to safe and effective plasma protein therapies for all patients in the world.

As noted in its comments, PPTA urged Secretary Azar to not move reimbursement for Medicare from the Part B physician office coverage to Part D Medicare, which is primarily a retail-based system that uses managed care interventions. PPTA also objected to the inclusion of plasma protein therapies in a flawed Competitive Acquisition Program.

PPTA will incorporate the content of its comments into our Capitol Hill advocacy discussions in the coming months; we will also continue calling attention to the February, 2018, publication of “Key Economic and Value Considerations in the US Market for Plasma Protein Therapies,” a white paper published by Bates White Economic Consulting that highlights the value of these lifesaving and unique therapies for vulnerable populations.

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