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PlasmaProteins Individuals may donate #plasma through a process called plasmapheresis. This sterile, self-contained, and automated process separates plasma from other cellular components, which are then returned to the donor. Learn more: bit.ly/2SyNxTt pic.twitter.com/ZkdEYbDl0H
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PlasmaProteins #Plasmaprotein therapies give individuals the ability to lead a normal life. “For patients with CIDP, access to treatment is vital to maintain physical autonomy.” Read Jean-Philippe’s story: bit.ly/2TvhoS2 #PlasmaDonorsSaveLives
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PPTA Statement on Immunoglobulin Access

Recent media reports have described access issues regarding immunoglobulin (Ig) therapies relied on by people living with primary immunodeficiencies. The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) is aware of these reports and is working with advocate groups, regulators, and member companies to identify solutions and ensure people can continue treating these serious conditions.

“Thanks to the generosity and commitment of plasma donors, PPTA members are distributing more Ig therapies than ever before and are opening new Source plasma collection centers around the country to accommodate the increase in donors,” commented Amy Efantis, PPTA President & CEO.  “At PPTA, we know plasma donors save lives and are grateful for their dedication to supporting people whose lives depend on the availability of plasma as the starting material for these medicines.”

Immunoglobulin therapies are unique biologics and replace missing or functionally impaired proteins in individuals born with a range of genetic and often life-threatening diseases. Reliable access to these medications allows patients to fight infections and lead normal, healthy lives.“

Ultimately, we embrace the idea that ‘it takes a village,’” concluded Efantis. “We are thankful for everyone who plays an essential role in helping patients receive the care they need – from plasma donors, to families, advocates, medical personnel, and members of our industry.”

Please visit www.pptaglobal.org/NADataProgram for publicly available information about Ig distributed in North America.

Please visit www.donatingplasma.org to learn more about plasma donation and your nearest donation center.

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