Transfusion publishes scientific paper regarding viral safety of plasma-derived therapeutics

On August 19, Transfusion published a scientific paper by PPTA member companies on the effectiveness of the nanofiltration method in assuring the safety of plasma derivatives during manufacturing. The publication shows that this manufacturing step effectively retains a wide range of viruses from different plasma derivatives, including those which may be transmitted through transfusion, such as HIV, as well as those which are resistant to other steps with pathogen reduction or removal capacity, such as small, non-enveloped viruses (including Parvovirus B19).

The results represent one of the most extensive data collections on this topic to date regarding the range of plasma derivatives, viruses, and different manufacturing conditions studied. This is fourth publication on the efficacy of pathogen reduction/ removal methodologies by PPTA member companies; other publications have shown the effectiveness of prion removal, cold ethanol fractionation and solvent-detergent (S/D) treatment in assuring the safety of plasma derivatives manufactured by PPTA member companies.

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