PPTA Strengthens Global Brand

Six Redesigned Websites Deliver Comprehensive, User-Friendly Experience

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) is pleased to announce the launch of six redesigned websites that reflect the full scope of the Association’s work and the innovative industry that it represents.

The Association’s global website features a modern design, improved navigation, significantly expanded content, video enhancements and a full archive of PPTA's health policy and regulatory contributions to legislative and regulatory authorities in Europe, the U.S. and beyond. The site is intended to meet the diverse information needs of PPTA member companies, policymakers, patient organizations, the media, experts and the general public. The site represents the Association’s substantial body of work in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as targeted efforts in the rest of the world.

In addition, PPTA maintains a portfolio of sites dedicated to educating the general public about the need for plasma donations that provide the source material for lifesaving plasma protein therapies. These sites include a searchable directory of plasma collection facilities. They include: DonatingPlasma.org, diePlasmaspende.de, diePlasmaspende.at and DarovaniPlazmy.cz.The PPTA Deutschland site has been redesigned to better align with the Association’s global efforts, but contains specific information on activities in Germany, including FIND-ID, a pioneering effort to improve the diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiency disease.

The web redesign project is part of a year-long effort to enhance PPTA’s brand identity. The campaign also includes new logos for the International Quality Plasma Program (IQPP) and the Quality Standards of Excellence, Assurance and Leadership (QSEAL), the Association’s voluntary global standards programs. Additionally, PPTA and its member companies will sponsor the first International Plasma Awareness Week in October and produced a 20th Anniversary documentary highlighting the industry's achievements and progress.

“The sites are user-friendly, dynamic and visually appealing. They provide instant and credible information regarding lifesaving plasma protein therapies,” said Julie Birkofer, PPTA’s Senior Vice President for North America. “It’s critical for an industry trade association to meet the information needs of its stakeholders and serve as the trusted source for information on the industry it represents. These websites achieve that goal,” she added.

The Association acknowledges the valuable contributions of its web developer, Arjan Menger of Welldotcom and its web consultant, Joseph Stern.

The sites are supported in the following browsers: IE8+, Chrome15+, Firefox5+ and Opera10+

About PPTA

PPTA represents the private sector manufacturers of plasma-derived and recombinant analog therapies, collectively known as plasma protein therapies and the collectors of source plasma used for fractionation. These lifesaving therapies are used to treat bleeding disorders, primary immunodeficiency diseases, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, certain rare neurological disorders an in emergency and surgical medicine. PPTA member companies produce approximately 80% of the therapies in the U..S. and 60% of those manufactured in Europe. PPTA works globally to advocate for access to and affordability of therapies; engage in constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities and collaborate with patient organizations. PPTA also administers standards and programs that help ensure the quality and safety of plasma protein therapies, donors and patients.

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