In Memoriam Theo Evers 1

For many, it came as a big shock that Theo Evers passed away on October 2nd. Theo served as the Executive Director of EPFA, later renamed to IPFA. Though many knew that Theo was seriously ill for quite some time, his passing was not expected so soon.

Only six days prior, there was a retirement reception for Theo in Amsterdam. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, Theo could see and hear what he has meant for so many in this industry. I was very fortunate to be among those who were at the reception. He was so looking forward to taking a cruise with his family, one of the many gifts he received. I wish that he would have had time to enjoy his retirement.

I have known Theo for 20 years and have been with him in many meetings where issues relevant to our industry have been discussed. Yes, there were moments where we had different viewpoints, but this never affected our personal relationship. Theo and I both stood for our principles, but the one thing that we had in common was our passion for this industry and the enormous influence it has on the lives of so many patients that rely on the therapies that are manufactured from human plasma.

There were meetings with patients, regulators, policy makers in different parts of the world. It has always impressed me how Theo was able with the limited resources he had, to have such a big impact with many audiences.

During the reception, Theo introduced me to his family as his “enemy” with a big smile on his face. If Theo was really an enemy, I would not feel so much pain about his passing. This pain only exists with friends. Theo is my friend. That will never change.

May he rest in peace.

Jan M. Bult


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