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PlasmaProteins #Plasma goes through a complex manufacturing process known as fractionation where proteins are separated to develop #plasmaprotein therapies. Learn more about the process: bit.ly/2ytTQCI pic.twitter.com/ZYK7nzwrvi
1 day ago.
PlasmaProteins Next month, @PlasmaProteins will hold its annual Fly-In on Capitol Hill! PPTA, its membership, and stakeholders will advocate for patient protections & the importance of prohibitions on lifetime and annual caps for people who need #plasmaprotein therapies. bit.ly/2FRKqnR
2 days ago.

EHC Video on European Recommendations for Haemophilia Treatment

Please view this timely video from the European Haemophilia Consortium on "European recommendations for the treatment of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxWAw40W4Ms

These recommendations were developed during a 2013 expert meeting. The full recommendations can be found online here.

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