PPTA Mourns Passing of Dr. Víctor Grífols Lucas

Sadly we learned that Dr. Víctor Grífols Lucas passed away on June 1, 2015, in Barcelona, Spain. PPTA sends its condolences to the Grifols family as well as the thousands of employees of the Grifols company with the loss of one of the founders of Laboratorios Grifols.

From 1985-2001, he was the president of Grifols. He also served as CEO and the technical director of the Laboratorios Grifols and was the first scientist to present his work on plasmapheresis as a real and reliable technique.

A statement on the company website praised his dedication to the company as well as his humanity.

“Dr. Víctor Grífols was the embodiment of a whole set of values: he was good, kind, discrete, modest, friendly, enterprising, committed to the company and, above all, honest,” read the statement. “He was, in short, a man who was true to his principles, and placed these above his own interests or those of the company if these interests conflicted with his ethical values. These values are still alive in our organization and are his greatest legacy to us.”

Victor Grifols
Courtesy of Grifols

The statement concluded: “The qualities which Dr. Víctor Grífols exemplified were always appreciated by those who had the good fortune to have dealings with him, whether for work or for other reasons. We will never forget him. May he rest in peace.”

PPTA President and CEO Jan M. Bult stated, “Víctor Grífols Lucas was a pioneer in developing the plasma protein industry to where it stands today. His contributions as a scientist and a visionary launched Grifols into the company it is today. I have had the honor to meet Dr. Grifols Lucas at several occasions and was always impressed with his desire to be an engineer, even after he was retired. I wish the entire Grifols family the strength to overcome this loss of a great man.”

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