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New Supplement Addresses Hemolytic Complications of IVIG Infusions

A special supplement to the July issue of Transfusion, consisting of 19 referred papers, focuses on the frequency and pathogenesis of and strategies to mitigate intravenous immunoglobulin-mediated hemolysis.

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In January 2014, PPTA, along with the Food and Drug Administration and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, jointly hosted a workshop entitled, “Strategies to Address Hemolytic Complications of Immune Globulin Infusions.” The workshop examined strategies to reduce the occurrence and severity of hemolysis, including: patient risk factors, the potential of in vitro testing, and the link between hemolytic events and new indications for IG products. All of the strategies covered in the workshop are spotlighted in the new supplement.

George Schreiber, Sc.D., Director, PPTA Epidemiology, and Harvey Klein, M.D., Chief, Department of Transfusion Medicine, Clinical Center, NIH, served as guest editors of the supplement.

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