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PlasmaProteins There are hundreds of #plasmaproteins circulating throughout our bodies. Without these essential proteins we would not be able to carry necessary functions, including clotting blood and fighting against diseases and infections. Learn more: bit.ly/2WO1n80
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FDA Request to Cease Blood Collection in Florida

PPTA is aware of the recent request by the FDA that blood establishments in Dade and Broward counties in the State of Florida cease blood collection. This request has been made as a “prudent measure” because State health officials are investigating a number of Zika infections that are not associated with travel to Zika-affected areas and may represent local transmission of the Zika virus.

FDA further states that blood collections in these counties should cease until blood establishments can either test for Zika virus RNA or implement pathogen inactivation technology. This statement by FDA does not amend its guidance with respect to the safety of plasma protein therapies, which have a long history of viral clearance measures, or the management of plasma donors and plasma for manufacturing use.

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