PPTA Chosen to Join Mission to China

On Oct. 16-21, the Chairman of the PPTA Global Board of Directors and the PPTA President & CEO will be joining U.S. Department of Commerce-led Healthcare Business Development Mission to China.

PPTA was chosen to join the mission following a highly-selective vetting process. The mission will be led by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews with the participation of Acting Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Mary Wakefield.

The purpose of this high-level mission is to gain additional access to Chinese government health officials, expand PPTA’s network of Chinese industry contacts, and increase understanding in China of the critical need for access to PPTA member companies’ therapies. PPTA notes that by building and strengthening these relationships, the industry will come closer to overcoming access barriers to the Chinese market, and thus be able to provide Chinese patients with increased access to the life-saving therapies they require. The agenda includes meetings with high-level decision makers with responsibility for healthcare issues, as well as trade associations and industry executives. The mission participants are a small group of top executives from some of the most influential companies and organizations in the healthcare sector.

PPTA is pleased and honored to be included in this mission, as it dovetails with PPTA’s increased focus on China and advances PPTA’s existing profile as a trusted partner, committed to the region. PPTA recognizes that China and Southeast Asia have large patient populations that will only continue to grow in years to come, and our member companies’ products can play a critical role in treating those patients. PPTA is working hard to improve access to therapies to patients in the region, as well as to position PPTA member companies to be able to meet those patients’ needs.

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