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PlasmaProteins Approximately how many #plasma donation centers are there in the U.S.?
1 day ago.
PlasmaProteins . @PlasmaProteins is at #IDF2019NC this week, showing our support for individuals living with PI. @IDFCommunity is a wonderful #AdvocateForPPTs and works tirelessly to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for those living with PI! bit.ly/2QF6N1B
4 days ago.

PPTA Participates in Health Canada Roundtable

On April 10, 2013, Health Canada sponsored, a "Round Table Discussion on Payment of Plasma Donors in Canada" in response to media reports about planned plasma centers in Ontario. PPTA participated in the discussion designed to solicit feedback from all stakeholders, increase understanding of Canadian regulations and clarify the roles and responsibilities of all parties.

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