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PlasmaProteins The continued production of #plasmaprotein therapies depends on reliable, healthy, repeat donors. Millions of #plasma donations are necessary to treat PPT-dependent individuals each year. Learn why your donation matters from @BatesWhiteEcon : bit.ly/2Bqbitk
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PlasmaProteins Approximately how many #plasma donation centers are there in the U.S.?
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FDA Announces Meeting Date: Blood Products Advisory Committee

The FDA has announced a forthcoming public advisory committee meeting of the Blood Products Advisory Committee (BPAC) on Nov. 17-18, 2016, in Silver Spring, Md. On the morning of Nov. 17, the Committee will meet in open session to discuss strategies to manage iron deficiency associated with blood donation.

The Committee will also discuss proposed procedures for assuring donor safety for collections of blood from female donors with hemoglobin values of 12.0–12.4 g/dL or a hematocrit value between 36 and 38 percent. In the afternoon, the Committee will meet in open session to discuss adverse reactions related to blood donation in teenage (16 to 18 years) donors, and the effectiveness of several mitigation measures. On Nov. 18, the Committee will meet in open session to hear an informational session on Zika virus and blood safety in the United States.

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