Immunoglobulin Access Materials

Immunoglobulin Access

Recently, several media outlets have reported on access issues regarding immunoglobulin (Ig) therapies. The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) represents the private collectors of plasma and the manufacturers of plasma-derived therapies that treat rare, serious, genetic, and — in many cases — life-threatening diseases caused by missing or nonfunctioning proteins typically found in plasma.

There are multiple variables that impact patient access to subcutaneous- and intravenous- administered Ig products. These variables could include manufacturer issues, distributor issues, government policies, physician and pharmacy protocols, and/or growing clinical need. Read more...

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IG Manufacturer Toll-Free Numbers

PPTA member companies manufacture lifesaving therapies that improve and save the lives of patients with rare, chronic, and often genetic diseases. A toll-free telephone number from member companies therefore is available for health care providers, which will enable them to inquire about specific brands of therapy for their patients.

PPTA Statement on Immunoglobulin Access

Recent media reports have described access issues regarding immunoglobulin (Ig) therapies relied on by people living with primary immunodeficiencies. The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) is aware of these reports and is working with advocate groups, regulators, and member companies to identify solutions and ensure people can continue treating these serious conditions.

“Thanks to the generosity and commitment of plasma donors, PPTA members are distributing more Ig therapies than ever before and are opening new Source plasma collection centers around the country to accommodate the increase in donors,” commented Amy Efantis, PPTA President & CEO. “At PPTA, we know plasma donors save lives and are grateful for their dedication to supporting people whose lives depend on the availability of plasma as the starting material for these medicines.” Read more...

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"The Global Journey of Plasma"

The plasma protein therapeutics industry is global, just as is patient need for therapies produced from the generous contributions of plasma donors. After an individual donates plasma, that plasma begins a global journey which often includes transport to different countries as part of a complex manufacturing process which can take 7-12 months. After the finished product leaves the manufacturing site, it enters the health care supply chain — including hospital pharmacists, specialty pharmacies, infusion clinics, physicians’ offices, and more — before becoming availableto patients who need them. Read more...

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