Plasma availability North America programs

In collaboration with industry regulators and stakeholders, PPTA has developed a system that we believe is the best way to present the distribution of core plasma protein therapies in North America.

PPTA Data Program

The PPTA Data Program is a voluntary manufacturer initiative undertaken in response to drug shortage concerns, and is intended to provide a reliable, nation-wide assessment of the availability of these life-saving therapies in the United States.

PPTA's Web-based system provides aggregate, monthly distribution data for the following categories of plasma protein therapies:

1. Albumin 5%
2. Albumin 25%
3. Immune Globulin (IG)
4. Plasma-Derived Factor VIII
5. Recombinant Factor VIII

The charts can be accessed by clicking on the link to the product category of your choice. Each chart shows a 12 month snapshot consisting of two lines: one plotting the data points for the monthly distribution volume and another to show the data points for the previous 12 month average distribution volume on a rolling basis.

January 2023

Albumin 5% concentration

Albumin 25% concentration

Immune Globulin (Ig)

Plasma-Derived Factor VIII

Recombinant Factor VIII