PPTA Responds to New York Times Article

On February 1, The New York Times published an article that lacked balance in its portrayal of Source plasma donors. Plasma donors, including Jacqueline Watson, Kevin Hayway, and Robert Jenkins, all of whom are discussed in the article, deserve our deepest respect, gratitude, and appreciation, not negative characterizations and insinuation.

Each of the donations made by Ms. Watson, Mr. Hayway, Mr. Jenkins, and the more than 42 million plasma donations made last year, will become lifesaving medications for people living with rare, serious, and chronic diseases and will allow those individuals to live normal, healthy lives. In fact, Source plasma donors have safely donated – at a conservative estimate – more than 500 million times over the past few decades, saving countless lives.

While people’s reasons for donating their plasma are as varied as the diseases treated by access to plasma protein therapies, some do so to lessen financial stress or to earn some extra income to help friends or loved ones. A letter published last year by more than two dozen ethicists and economists explains that compensating donors is ethical and is intended to recognize their time and inconvenience.

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association and our member companies are grateful to every person who shows dedication to improving the lives of others by donating their plasma.

To learn more about the diseases treated by access to therapies derived from plasma, and to read stories from plasma donors and patients, please visit www.HowIsYourDay.org.

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