PPTA Responds to Newsweek Article

On December 11, Newsweek published an article by K Thor Jensen titled “2% of U.S. export income comes from selling blood.” The headline is grossly inaccurate, and the accompanying article misrepresents and distorts publicly available data.

The figure cited by the author is derived from U.S. export data, which is divided into broad categories. As the trade association representing private sector manufacturers of plasma protein therapies and source plasma collectors, the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association would have been glad to provide information to the reporter or to clarify that the category in question is quite extensive and includes the export value of a wide range of human and animal blood products, such as plasma, whole blood, animal products, vaccines, and other immunological products, including classes of therapies manufactured from plasma.

The consequence of such incomplete reporting risks the health of the hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children around the world who live with serious, rare, and potentially life-threatening diseases and who rely on therapies that are available only because of donated plasma. Though plasma and some of the medications derived from it are only a portion of the total material included in the author’s inaccurate reporting, PPTA and its member companies are proud to be part of an industry that is committed to the health of patients globally. Further, we are grateful for every plasma donor, as each donation contributes directly to saving and improving lives worldwide. To learn more about the diseases treated by therapies derived from plasma, and to read stories from plasma donors and patients, please visit www.HowIsYourDay.org.

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