PPTA Statement on H.R. 3

On December 12, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3, “The Lower Drug Costs Act,” sponsored by Energy & Commerce Chairman, Rep. Frank Pallone, D- NJ. This bill, known as Speaker Pelosi’s drug plan, would put at risk patients with rare diseases who rely on access to plasma protein therapies.

The Speaker’s plan would replace the U.S. free market for medicines with a reference structure that relies on foreign systems that limit access to and/or availability of plasma protein therapies and could force patients to utilize products different than those prescribed by their physician.

Individuals with rare diseases treated with plasma protein therapies rely on their proven treatment. Negotiation tactics and penalties incorporated in this legislation could lead to serious access issues for this fragile community. PPTA encourages a holistic approach to the total health care system and strongly opposes H.R. 3 which will stifle innovation, ignore risks to patient health outcomes, and jeopardize access to lifesaving plasma protein therapies for vulnerable populations.

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