PPTA Encourages Plasma Donation

President Trump made an appeal for plasma donation a few days ago and is echoing what people with serious, genetic, life-threatening diseases already know plasma donors save lives! Most people had not given much thought to plasma before the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they are learning that plasma from a patient who has recovered from COVID-19 could be used to make therapies to treat others who are sick with the disease and could eventually be used to safeguard health care workers.

But people living with primary immune deficiencies (PI) and secondary immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders (like hemophilia), Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency, hereditary angioedema, some neurological conditions, or any of the other genetic, lifelong conditions that require plasma therapies already know the value of plasma for daily survival.  Someone living with PI needs 130 plasma donations to supply their medicine for a single year. Plasma donors save lives every time they donate and should be recognized as heroes!

Please visit www.donatingplasma.org to find a plasma donation center near you.


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