White House Roundtable: “We’re in this Together”

Yesterday, President Trump, senior officials within his Administration, and representatives from the plasma and blood communities agreed that plasma donation is a national imperative, recognizing how essential plasma is and urging Americans to donate their plasma. Paul Perreault, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of CSL Ltd. represented the CoVIg-19 Alliance, “an unprecedented partnership of world-leading companies” dedicated to the development of a hyperimmune globulin with the potential to treat people seriously impacted by COVID-19. He took the opportunity presented by participating in the White House Roundtable to issue a call for all Americans to donate plasma, even those who have not had COVID-19, and to urge the Administration to support the industry’s effort to develop a hyperimmune to combat COVID-19.

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), on behalf of patients and all its member companies, echoes Mr. Perreault’s call and urges all Americans to donate plasma. As each of us work together to fight this pandemic and to protect the lives of rare disease patients, plasma donation is more critical than ever to manufacture plasma-derived therapies. Visit www.donatingplasma.org to find a donation center near you.

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