PPTA Opposes Executive Order That Would Threaten Access to Plasma Protein Therapies

The most recent White House executive order, issued September 13 and calling for a “most favored nation” Medicare drug pricing program, is ill-advised and risks the lives of vulnerable U.S. patients who rely on access to plasma protein therapies (PPTs). PPTs are non-interchangeable, single-source products which might not be available in some reference countries. 

“Sunday’s executive orders would use pricing schemes from countries that often do not make plasma-derived therapies available to patients,” said Amy Efantis, PPTA president and CEO. “Further, some reference countries use draconian reimbursement programs that artificially force prices down, impeding their citizens’ ability to access therapies known to save and improve lives. Limiting access to lifesaving plasma protein therapies is wrong.”

PPTA member companies are uniquely positioned to provide PPTs for patients living with rare bleeding disorders, primary immunodeficiencies, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency, and certain neurological disorders. They are also working in unprecedented partnerships to develop hyper-immune treatments for COVID-19. PPTA urges the Administration to abandon any further implementation of this counter-productive executive order. The Association looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders on bipartisan solutions to improve patient access to lifesaving PPTs, promote innovation, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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