Study Shows Immunoglobulin Therapy is “Critical and Cost-Effective” in Treating CVID

The journal publication, Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy is critical and cost-effective in increasing life expectancy and quality of life in patients suffering from Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorders (CVID): A health-economic assessment,” is authored by Professor Philippe van Wilder with the Université libre de Bruxelles and Professor Esther de Vries of Tilburg University and offers a health economic model to estimate the value of treatment with IG therapy for CVID patients.

Key findings that support PPTA and member company messages of value include:

  • Average dose IG treatment yields an additional 17 life-years and 11 quality-adjusted life-years compared to little or no treatment.
  • IG is cost-effective: the resulting incremental cost-effective ratios (ICERs) are €29,296/LY and €46,717/QALY.
  • Reducing diagnostic delay by five years yields an additional 7 life-years and 5 quality-adjusted life years, and ICERs of €30,282/LY and €47,504/QALY, respectively.

This project builds on Professor van Wilder’s November 2018 publication The Burden of Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorders: A Retrospective Analysis of the European Society for Immunodeficiency (ESID) Registry Data.”

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