PPTA Leadership Update – Amy Efantis

Dear PPTA Members and Patient Stakeholders,

We are writing to you today to inform you that Amy Efantis, PPTA’s president & CEO, recently informed the Global Board of Directors of her decision to leave the association. Her last day was Tuesday, February 15. We appreciate Amy’s contributions to PPTA in her time leading the association and wish her well in her future pursuits.

Let us assure you that Amy’s departure does not impact the Global Board’s commitment to the patient communities we serve, our partnerships with regional, national, or international advocacy groups, or our focus on plasma donor health and the urgent need for plasma donations in the U.S. and in the EU.

During this time of change, it is natural for questions to arise about the future of the association. While the Global Board determines the next steps, we are fortunate to have the dedication and expertise among PPTA’s leadership team and have asked three of them to work together and ensure staff remain fully engaged in support of the organization’s mission. During this interim time, questions should be directed to Julie Birkofer, Josh Penrod, or Maarten Van Baelen.

In her 20 years with PPTA, Julie has shown an unwavering commitment to patient access to plasma-derived therapies in the U.S. and has developed strong relationships with patients and leaders in the advocacy community. A lobbyist at heart, Julie’s understanding of U.S. policymaking has served our community for years and will continue to be supported by a team of experts in legislative and administrative processes throughout the federal and state levels of government that impact patients’ ability to access their therapies.

Josh has been with PPTA for nearly 19 years and is the association’s fiercest advocate for plasma donation and the donors who commit to saving lives every time they roll up their sleeves. His deep knowledge of regulations, policies, and the business environment impacting plasma donation in the U.S., EU, and Asia makes him an essential piece of PPTA’s transitional leadership team, particularly as we all continue generating awareness of the ongoing need for donation, made even more urgent with the ongoing pandemic and situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Maarten joined PPTA in 2019 and brought with him a fresh and laser-focused view of our industry’s need to work at all levels of government in the EU to create an environment that allows plasma donation to grow and meet growing patient clinical need. Although most of the plasma available worldwide for fractionation originates in the U.S., Maarten and his PPTA colleagues in Brussels have made significant strides in increasing awareness with EU policymakers on the need for Europe to do more to collect plasma to meet patient need.

While questions are sure to arise during periods of transition, we have confidence in Julie, Josh, and Maarten to lead PPTA’s talented staff in the U.S. and Europe, working in partnership so the full association continues to be fully engaged in its patient-centered mission. We ask for your patience as we determine a plan moving forward for PPTA.


PPTA Global Board of Directors


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