“How Is Your Day?” highlights value of plasma protein therapies in improving patients’ lives

Budapest, HUNGARY (March 13)– The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) today unveiled its new global initiative, “How Is Your Day?” –Making the difference with plasma proteins, in conjunction with the annual International Plasma Protein Congress. “How Is Your Day?” will focus on differentiating these unique therapies from traditional pharmaceuticals and building awareness of the value they provide for people living with rare, life-threatening, chronic, and genetic diseases.

Plasma protein therapies (plasma-derived and their recombinant analog therapies) replace missing or deficient proteins, allowing affected individuals to lead normal, healthy, and productive lives.

“How Is Your Day?” brings together people around the world who are interested in plasma protein therapies. They range from patients whose lives are improved by these treatments, to medical professionals, international and local patient organizations, regulatory agencies, and manufacturers of these life-saving therapies. The initiative will engage all these groups and others via a mix of social media interaction , a dedicated website, and traditional media outreach, all in support of its goals.

“For many of us, the question ‘How is your day?’ is a simple conversation we have,” remarked David Bell, President of PPTA’s Global Board of Directors and Chief Innovation Officer , Grifols S.A. “ But for so many people around the world living with rare diseases and who rely on the availability of plasma protein therapies, no day is ordinary.”

Jan M. Bult, PPTA President and CEO, further stated “Access to plasma protein therapies is a critical issue for individuals facing these diseases, because most of them can only be treated by medicines that are made from plasma donated by healthy, committed donors.” He continued, “While treatment options exist for individuals with bleeding disorders , many others use therapies derived from human plasma. "How Is Your Day?" will discuss these differences and build greater awareness and understanding of the importance of plasma protein therapies for individuals and their families.”

PPTA encourages patients, doctors, donors, and everyone interested in the “How Is Your Day?” initiative to visit to learn more and to follow the global conversation on Facebook and Twitter at @HIYDglobal.

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