Plasma-Derived Therapies Provide Significant Health Value Gain

New report analyses clinical, economic, and societal perspectives for patient access

12 March 2020—(Brussels, Belgium)—The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) recognizes Vintura, a leading consultancy specializing in healthcare and life sciences, for publishing “Key Economic and Value Considerations for Plasma-Derived Medicinal Products in Europe.” The report provides a critical investigation into the clinical, economic, and societal dimensions of PDMPs, with a focus on improving patient access to these lifesaving medicines.

By focusing on formal and therapeutic patient access challenges, as well as challenges related to product availability, Vintura makes several key recommendations for industry and policymakers at the EU and Member State level to adopt in an effort to maximize patient access to PDMPs and societal benefits. The report was reviewed by Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans, Senior Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Ghent University, Belgium, and Prof. Marcin Czech, head of the Department of Pharmacoeconomics at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw and former Undersecretary of State/Vice Minister at the Ministry of Health in Poland.

“PPTA has long-advocated for policies that recognize the unique nature of plasma-derived medicinal products,” said Maarten Van Baelen, Executive Director of PPTA Europe. “We are glad to see Vintura’s report supports the key arguments we have made for years regarding the need for reimbursement policies ensuring access to PDMPs for people living with serious, rare, and often life-threatening diseases. Additionally, Vintura’s analysis shows that treating people living with primary immunodeficiencies and haemophilia yields a huge societal and economic benefit as it brings a combined health value gain of 2 billion euro/year.”

Access to PDMPs remains quite fragile for the populations who rely on them because of uncertain volumes of plasma donations, complex regulations, strict safety procedures, and lengthy manufacturing processes, together with formal and therapeutic patient access challenges. The recommendations contained in Vintura’s report offer PPTA and its partners a range of steps moving forward to continue building awareness and support of PDMPs and the patients whose lives rely on access to them.

“Key Economic and Value Considerations for Plasma-Derived Medicinal Products in Europe” can be downloaded from the Vintura website, here.

Media Contact:
Mathew Gulick
Director, Global Communications

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