PPTA Hosts Discussion Forum on Blood/Plasma Products in The Hague

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) hosted a discussion forum at the Dutch Parliament in The Hague yesterday. The forum was attended by representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Members of the Dutch Parliament, the patient community and the national manufacturer of plasma protein therapies: Sanquin.

The event was opened by the meeting facilitator: Dr. Janneke Schermers, a former Member of the Dutch Parliament who worked extensively on this issue. Jan M. Bult, president and CEO of PPTA started the discussion. Bult gave a summary of the relevant legislative history in the Netherlands today and focused on the need for a level playing field with the national fractionator, who currently has a monopoly position in terms of the collection of plasma. Each of the stakeholders presented their view of the current situation, its shortcomings and what key points need to be addressed.

Multiple participants of the meeting asked questions about the difficult situation of Sanquin who have public and private activities in one organization under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry representative informed the participants that a new report about the transparency of Sanquin operations has been finalized and will be published "as soon as possible."

Participants expressed their willingness to have another Forum after the Conquestor Report has been published.For further information please contact Siada El Ramly at siada@pptaglobal.eu or Kara Flynn at kflynn@pptaglobal.org.

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