In Memoriam of Dr. Otto Schwarz

The world is diminished with the passing of Dr. Otto Schwarz. If you knew him you know he approached everything with a quiet elegance, but that never meant he would take no for an answer, if it was in the pursuit of what he believed.

Otto was a co-founder of Immuno AG along with his partner of many years Dr. Hans Eibl and together they built one of the premier biopharmaceutical companies on a global scale. I first met him as a respected competitor for many years, but was fortunate to learn much more about him through the acquisition process with Baxter Healthcare.Otto1 It was difficult to call this transaction an acquisition because it was truly a partnership because of Otto. He was a gifted peacemaker and that influenced all involved. His concerns were always focused on employees, who he called family, patients and innovation in product safety. We had hours of meetings on these topics and he never wavered when it came to values, integrity and leadership. He was also one of the founding leaders of PPTA as we know it today where his leadership elevated our industry to the benefit of our patients. On a personal level he was a warm engaging man who always spoke fondly of his beloved Ida and the rest of his family. He had no defense when it came to the desires of his grandchildren. His patronage of the arts spread to the workplace that simply made it a better place to be. I along with many will miss him dearly and can never repay his kind and generous mentorship.

John Bacich

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