Industry, Donors and Patients to Convene in Vienna

Brussels, Belgium—The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), together with Pharmig and IG Plasma are sponsoring a workshop as part of International Plasma Awareness Week, October 13-20. This event is a joint initiative of PPTA and its member companies designed to:

  • Raise global awareness about source plasma collection
  • Recognize the contributions of plasma donors in saving and improving lives
  • Increase understanding about lifesaving plasma protein therapies and rare diseases

The workshop will be held at the Marriott Hotel on October 17, 14:30-17:00 and will feature a distinguished panel including Dr. Jan Oliver Huber, Pharmig, Dr. Matthias Gessner, IG Plasma, Mag Karl Petrovsky, Pharmig, Dr. Alexander Szivak, AGES, and Dr. Hermann Wolf, Immunologische Tagesklinik, and Jan M. Bult, PPTA President and CEO who will address various legal, scientific and business aspects of plasma collection. In addition, both a patient with primary immunodeficiency and plasma donor will address the gathering to share their experiences.

“We are delighted that this esteemed coalition has joined us in recognition of the important role of plasma protein therapies in saving and improving patients’ lives. It is equally important that we also recognize the lifesaving role of the plasma donor. Without those individuals who are willing to donate, patients wouldn't have access to the necessary medicines and to all the donors I believe this recognition is important and I urge everyone to say to every donor - thank you," Mr. Bult said.

Plasma, a biological material derived from humans, is used to create lifesaving therapies. There are over 450 plasma collection centers in the Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany and the U.S. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, the majority of these centers have achievedInternational Quality Plasma Program(IQPP) certification.  PPTA’s voluntary standards program provides global leadership for the industry’s goal of continuous improvement with a focus on safety and quality from the donor to the patient.

Plasma protein therapies, which include plasma-derived therapies and recombinant analogs are used to treat chronic, life-threatening diseases including bleeding disorders, primary immune deficiencies, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and certain rare neurological disorders. In addition, these therapies are used in emergency and surgical medicine.

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