Plasma Protein Therapeutics Industry to Convene in Denver

Annapolis, MD—The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) and its member companies, the major collectors of human plasma and manufacturers of plasma protein therapies will hold their annual PPTA Business Forum in Denver on October 13. The meeting coincides with a kickoff celebration for International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW), October 13-20, a new global awareness event designed to:

  • Raise global awareness about source plasma collection
  • Recognize the contributions of plasma donors in saving and improving lives
  • Increase understanding about lifesaving plasma protein therapies and rare diseases

The highlight of the PPTA Business Forum will be a discussion on global perceptions of plasma collection and compensation and will feature a distinguished panel including Graham Sher, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Blood Services and James S. Taylor, Associate Professor of Philosophy, College of New Jersey and PPTA Vice Presidents, Professor Albert Farrugia and Joshua Penrod.

In addition to the Denver based events, PPTA member companies have planned a variety of activities to commemorate IPAW including: donor appreciation events, as well as, open houses for patients, government officials and the media at plasma collection facilities in both Europe and the U.S, as well as employee celebrations in corporate offices globally. In addition, patient organizations representing individuals who rely on plasma protein therapies have pledged support for the event and are working to promote it. An online Media Center provides companies and supporting organizations with both digital and print collateral to support events and a consistent global image.

“Patients throughout the world rely on plasma protein therapies which are developed through the generosity and commitment of plasma donors. PPTA is proud of the contributions industry makes to saving and improving lives,” said Joshua Penrod, PPTAVice President, Source.

For a first time effort, IPAW has garnered impressive attention with print and online media coverage in the U.S., Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. Governors in fourteen states have issued official Proclamations  (CT, DE, IL, MA, MS, MT, NV, NJ, NC, OK, OR, PA, RI, TX) and a statement has been entered into the Congressional Record with the support of Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS).

Plasma protein therapies which include plasma-derived therapies and recombinant analogs are used to treat chronic, life-threatening diseases including bleeding disorders, primary immune deficiencies, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and certain rare neurological disorders. In addition, these therapies are used in emergency and surgical medicine.

Plasma, a biological material derived from humans, is used to create lifesaving therapies. There are over 450 plasma collection facilities in Canada, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the U.S. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, the majority of these centers have achievedInternational Quality Plasma Program(IQPP) certification.  PPTA’s voluntary standards program provides global leadership for the industry’s goal of continuous improvement with a focus on safety and quality from the donor to the patient.

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