Alabama Lowers Minimum Donation Age to 18

PPTA would like to recognize Alabama for demonstrating the important role source plasma plays in saving and improving patients’ lives.

On April 21, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed Senate Bill 13, which lowers the minimum age to donate plasma in that state from 19-years-old to 18. PPTA is grateful to the leadership of Alabama Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed who championed the bill.

“It [didn’t] make sense when you consider an individual can enlist in the military and fight for their country at 18 but they can’t donate plasma,” said Sen. Reed of his motivation for sponsoring the bill. "We should do everything we can to allow people to donate plasma. Plasma is necessary for the manufacturing of life-saving plasma-derived therapies that treat patients with rare and chronic conditions. Allowing 18-year-old Alabamians to donate their plasma represents an important step in helping ensure patients continue to have access to these important plasma protein therapies.”

This law goes into effect July 1, 2015.

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