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Mark your calendars! The 2021 International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW) will be held October 4-8.
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This toolkit was designed to enable partners, affiliated organizations and the media with resources to create and publicize events.


 Event Related Information:


IPAW logos

The 2021 IPAW logo is available for download in several languages. Click the language(s) below to begin downloading:

Animated Video

Watch the video in: Czech, German, Hungarian, Spanish

Download the video in: English, Czech, German, Hungarian, Spanish

Download the audio for the animated video in: English, Czech, German, Hungarian, Spanish


IPAW Infographic Posters

 Download infographic posters in: English, European English, Czech, German, Hungarian, and Spanish.

Social Media Kit

Social Media infographics

Feel free to use the following suggested text with these easy-to-post social media nuggets for every day of IPAW! These can be adapted for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Of course, you can also customize to your target groups.

Please remember to include #IPAW2021 in your social media events to help us track IPAW's success and cite www.donatingplasma.org to assist viewers in finding information and donation center locations!


Download all graphics and suggested language in English here.

  • Donors-are-heroes_FB
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_01
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_02
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_03
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_04
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_05
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_06
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_07
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_08
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_09
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_10
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_11
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_12
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_13
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_14
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_15
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_ENG-FINAL_rev3_Page_16
  • PPTA_IPAW_SOCIAL_EuropeanEnglish_6
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_HowDoYouGetPlasma
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_HowLong
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_IsDonatingSafe
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_SaveLives
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_WhatIsPlasma
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG_WhoCanDonate
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG__IQPP
  • PPTA_Social Media_ENG__QSEAL
  • Plasma donors essential_EN_no logo
  • Plasma donors essential_EN_no logo2
  • Plasma donors essential_EN_no logo3
  • Thank you center staff_Facebook_No logo
  • Thank you center staff_Facebook_No logo2
  • Thank you center staff_Facebook_No logo3
  • Thank you plasma donors_FB_no logo
  • Thank you plasma donors_FB_no logo2
  • Thank you plasma donors_FB_no logo3
  • _PDSL_FINAL_no logo
  • _PDSL_FINAL_no logo2
  • _PDSL_FINAL_no logo3

European English

Download all graphics and suggested language in European English here.


 Im Folgenden finden Sie unsere Textvorschläge für die 7 Infografiken der Internationalen Plasma Awareness Woche. Diese können für Posts auf den folgenden Medien angepasst werden: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Gerne können Sie diese auch individuell an Ihre Zielgruppen anpassen. Bitte benutzen Sie dabei für die Posts wenn möglich immer den Link www.dieplasmaspende.de und #IWDP2021!

German (Germany)

Hier können Sie die Grafiken und Textvorschläge in deutscher Sprache herunterladen.

  • Center staff_Facebook_IPAW_GER
  • Center staff_Facebook_IPAW_GER2
  • Center staff_Facebook_IPAW_GER3
  • Essential_GER_IPAW
  • Essential_GER_IPAW2
  • Essential_GER_IPAW3
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_01
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_02
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_03
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_04
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_05
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_06
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_07
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_08
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_09
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_10
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_11
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_12
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_13
  • PPTA_DYKsocial_GERMAN_Page_14
  • PPTA_IPAW_Ger-social_IQPP
  • PPTA_IPAW_Ger-social_QSEAL
  • Plasma donors_FB_IPAW_GER
  • Plasma donors_FB_IPAW_GER2
  • Plasma donors_FB_IPAW_GER3

German (Austria)

Hier können Sie die Grafiken und Textvorschläge in deutscher Sprache herunterladen.


Radio Ads

Download the PPTA IPAW 15 second radio ad in English (mp3)


Download the alternate PPTA IPAW 15 second radio ad in English (mp3)

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Rachel Liebe

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Alexa Wetzel
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