Albumin versus Crystalloid Therapy in the Management of Hepatorenal Syndrome: A Model for using Meta Analysis in Cost Effectiveness Studies and the Design of Clinical Trials.

Phillips KT, Ohsfeldt R, Voigt M.

Proc AMIA Symp. 2003; 2003: 970.

We applied traditional methods of gathering, integrating and summarizing findings of current literature, with new approaches for assessing the cost effectiveness of two treatments for hepatorenal syndrome (HRS). Findings of this cost effectiveness study are used to form a proposal for a multi-center prospective clinical trial, to assess the economic and clinical benefits of albumen versus crystalloid therapy in the care of these patients. Our initial findings suggest that albumin therapy is superior to standard crystalloid therapy, in the treatment of HRS patients. The number of survival days appears to increase with this form of therapy per dollar cost, while patients await liver transplantation.


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