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List of articles in category Hypo-albuminaemia
Title Published Date Author
A Simple Novel Model to Predict Hospital Mortality, Surgical Site Infection, and Pneumonia in Elderly Patients Undergoing Operation. Friday, 25 June 2010 09:56 Written by Huang TS, et al.
Serum albumin level as a predictor of outcome in traumatic brain injury: potential for treatment. Monday, 14 April 2008 11:34 Written by Bernard F, et al.
Hypoalbuminemia is a predictor of delayed postoperative bowel function and poor surgical outcomes in right-sided colon cancer patients. Wednesday, 02 May 2007 11:49 Written by Lohsiriwat V, et al.
Albumin administration improves organ function in critically ill hypoalbuminemic patients: A prospective, randomized, controlled, pilot study Friday, 18 August 2006 14:17 Written by Dubois MJ, et al.
Admission serum albumin is predicitve of outcome in critically ill trauma patients. Wednesday, 01 December 2004 01:00 Written by Sung J, et al.
Protein malnutrition and hypoalbuminemia as predictors of vascular events and mortality in ESRD. Thursday, 01 January 2004 01:00 Written by Cooper BA, et al.
Linkage of hypoalbuminemia, inflammation, and oxidative stress in patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis therapy. Friday, 01 August 2003 02:00 Written by Danielski M, et al.
Hypoalbuminemia in acute illness: is there a rationale for intervention?: a meta-analysis of cohort studies and controlled trials. Saturday, 01 March 2003 01:00 Written by Vincent JL, et al.
[Hypoalbuminemia and invalidating edema in an elderly subject: treatment with parenteral albumin infusion] Saturday, 01 February 2003 01:00 Written by Novella JL, et al.
Correction of the anion gap for albumin in order to detect occult tissue anions in shock. Sunday, 01 December 2002 01:00 Written by Hatherill M, et al.