Effect on platelet function of hypoalbuminemia in peritoneal dialysis.

Sloand EM, Bern MM, Kaldany A.

Thromb Res 1986 Nov 15;44(4):419-25

Chronic renal failure is associated with functional platelet defects. Peritoneal dialysis is associated with improvement in platelet function. This study demonstrates that the hypoalbuminemia resulting from peritoneal dialysis may account for part of the improvement. Platelet aggregation was measured when plasma albumin was less than 3 g/dl and again when the albumin level was raised to greater than 4 g/dl. Normal albumin levels were associated with decreased platelet function when the slope of aggregation to ADP and epinephrine were used as the study parameters. Patients with peritoneal dialysis given albumin to correct their plasma albumin level also acquired reduced platelet aggregation.


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