Plasma volume expansion of 5% albumin, 4% gelatin, 6% HES 130/0.4, and normal saline under increased microvascular permeability in the rat.

Intensive Care Med. 2006 Nov 21;

Dubniks M, Persson J, Grande PO.

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Lund University Hospital, 22185, Lund, Sweden, per-olof.grande@med.lu.se.

OBJECTIVE: To compare the colloids 5% albumin, 4% gelatin, and 6% HES 130/0.4 with one another and with normal saline regarding their plasma expanding effects at increased permeability and to compare the results with those from a previous study at normal permeability. DESIGN AND SETTING: Prospective controlled randomized laboratory study in a university research laboratory. SUBJECTS: 48 adult male Sprague-Dawley rats.

INTERVENTIONS: Permeability was increased by an injection of 0.5[Symbol: see text]ml dextran 70 using the fact that dextran causes anaphylactic reaction in the rat. Plasma volume was determined ((125)I albumin tracer technique) after anesthesia, 1[Symbol: see text]h after dextran injection (before infusion for 10-15[Symbol: see text]min of 20[Symbol: see text]ml/kg bw of each of the colloids or 80[Symbol: see text]ml/kg saline), and 3[Symbol: see text]h later. Blood pressure, hematocrit, blood gases, and electrolytes were measured. CVP was measured in four rats. MEASUREMENTS AND RESULTS: Plasma volume was 41.1[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]1.9[Symbol: see text]ml/kg at baseline (n[Symbol: see text]=[Symbol: see text]9), and 29.1[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]4.1[Symbol: see text]ml/kg (n[Symbol: see text]=[Symbol: see text]35) 1[Symbol: see text]h after the dextran injection. Three hours after infusion of the plasma expander plasma volume had increased by 17.1[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]3.4[Symbol: see text]ml/kg in the albumin group, 7.9[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]3.6[Symbol: see text]ml/kg in the gelatin group, 7.4[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]4.4[Symbol: see text]ml/kg in the HES group, and 12.2[Symbol: see text]+/-[Symbol: see text]3.1[Symbol: see text]ml/kg in the saline group. It was unchanged in a control group given no solution (n[Symbol: see text]=[Symbol: see text]7 for all groups). CONCLUSION: Albumin was a more effective plasma volume expander than gelatin or HES or saline (saline in 4 times larger volume). Gelatin and HES were equally effective. All solutions showed a smaller plasma expanding effect than observed in a previous study with normal permeability.

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