A comparison of 4.5% human albumin solution and Haemaccel in neonates undergoing major surgery.

Stoddart PA, Rich P, Sury MR.

Paediatr Anaesth 1996;6(2):103-6

In a randomized blinded study we compared two colloid solutions in 30 neonates undergoing major surgery. Fifteen neonates received 4.5% Human albumin solution (HAS) (mean volume 25.6 ml.kg-1, SD 9.5) and the others received Haemaccel (Hoechst) (24.9 ml.kg-1, SD 10). Pre and postoperative plasma albumin and haemoglobin concentrations and plasma colloid osmotic pressure (COP) were compared. In the group given Haemaccel there was an appreciable and statistically significant decrease in the mean plasma albumin concentration from 34.27 to 28.27 g.1(-1) (mean difference 6, CI 3.38 to 8.62) and the mean COP decreased significantly from 22.2 to 19.9 mmHg (mean difference 2.3, CI 0.3 to 4.5). In the HAS group there was no significant change in either the plasma albumin concentration or COP. There was a small but significant decrease in the mean haemoglobin concentration from 15.92 to 14.35 g.dl-1 (mean difference 1.56, CI 0.57 to 2.55) after HAS. We conclude that HAS is the superior colloid for volume replacement in neonates undergoing surgery.

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