Nephrotic Syndrome

Does albumin preinfusion potentiate diuretic action of furosemide in patients with nephrotic syndrom

Na KY, Han JS, Kim YS, Ahn C, Kim S, Lee JS, Bae KS, Jang IJ, Shin SG, Huh W, Jeon US 

J Korean Med Sci 2001;16:448–54
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

The aim of this cross-over study was to investigate whether albumin infusion before furosemide administration could potentiate the diuretic action of furosemide. Seven patients with nephrotic syndrome were given the following infusions in random order on two separate days: 1) a sham solution followed by 160 mg of furosemide, 2) 100 ml of 20% human albumin followed by 160 mg of furosemide. Urine and serum furosemide concentrations were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography. The increment of urine volume was greater in albumin preinfusion than in furosemide alone. However, the increments of sodium and chloride excretions between furosemide alone and albumin preinfusion were not different. No significant differences in the pharmacokinetic parameters between the two treatments were observed: area under the concentration-time curve (AUC: 12.7+/-2.2 vs 15.1+/-4.4 g/ml hr), total plasma clearance (253+/-41 vs 256+/-54 ml/min), volume of distribution (341+/-34 vs 494+/-153 ml/kg), elimination half life (4.0+/-1.1 vs 4.6+/-0.8 hr), and urine furosemide excretion of the administered amount (16.5+/-7.3 vs 7.5+/-1.6%). In conclusion, these data show that albumin preinfusion potentiated diuresis, but not natriuresis, of furosemide without any change in the pharmacokinetics of the agent in patients with nephrotic syndrome.


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