Intravenous albumin prevents moderate-severe ovarian hyperstimulation in in-vitro fertilization patients: a prospective, randomized and controlled study.

Isik AZ, Gokmen O, Zeyneloglu HB, Kara S, Keles G, Gulekli B.

Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 1996 Dec 27;70(2):179-83

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of intravenous administration of albumin in prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in patients of an in-vitro fertilization program. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective randomized study. Patients with hCG day E2 levels are 11010 pmol/l (3000 pg/ml) or more were recruited into two groups. Group A (n = 27) received 10 g 20%, 50 ml human albumin infusion before oocyte pick-up and no medication was administered in Group B (n = 28). RESULTS: Patients were similar in terms of cycle characteristics. No moderate-severe OHSS developed in Group A whereas one severe OHSS case and four moderate OHSS cases developed in Group B. Statistical analysis revealed a significant (P < 0.05) protection in albumin treated group. CONCLUSION: Human albumin proves effectiveness in prevention of moderate-severe OHSS.


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