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Intrauterine treatment on non-immune hydrops fetalis.

Maeda H, Koyanagi T, Nakano H.

Early Hum Dev 1992 Jun-Jul;29(1-3):241-9

In 51 cases with non-immunologic hydrops fetalis (NIHF), perinatal management was performed based on our protocol. Twenty-two cases were treated by albumin and/or packed red cell (PRC) injection into the fetal abdominal cavity, and 9 cases by transplacental digitalization. Among the cases treated by albumin and/or PRC injection, 6 of 8 cases without pleural effusion recovered in utero, and all 6 cases are alive. However, of 14 cases with pleural effusion, none recovered in utero, and only one case is alive. Of 9 cases treated by transplacental digitalization, 2 cases recovered in utero, and only one case is alive. All fetuses with congenital heart anomaly died. This evidence indicates that albumin and/or PRC injection into the fetal abdominal cavity is an effective procedure for in utero treatment of NIHF without pleural effusion, but suggests that in NIHF resulting from either congenital heart anomaly and/or heart failure, the survival rate may not be increased by transplacental digitalization.


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