Systematic Review

Albumin in fluid management: A systematic review

Mahlon M. Wilkes, Ph.D. and Roberta J. Navickis, Ph.D.

Hygeia Associates

Updated September 2001


• Albumin Systematic Review Ongoing Since June 1999
• Goal: Thoroughly Assemble, Rigorously Analyze and Objectively Appraise Totality of Evidence on Clinical Utility
of Albumin Therapy
• Full Range of Indications Investigated
• Comprehensive Search Strategy
• Quantitatively Combine Results, as Feasible, by Meta-Analysis

• Search Targets:
• Published and Unpublished Studies on Albumin Therapy
• Computer Searches of MEDLINE and EMBASE, Cochrane
Controlled Trials Register and Cochrane Medical Editors Trial Amnesty
• Use of Internet Search Engines to Locate Conference Reports,
Abstracts, Compilations of References and Full-Text Journal Articles
• Hand Searching of Leading Medical Journals
• Inquiries with Clinical Trial Investigators and Medical Directors of Albumin Suppliers
• Detailed Review of Reference Citations in Previous Meta- Analyses (Including Both Completed Reviews and Protocols in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews), Review Articles and Reports of Randomized and Other Investigations Related to Albumin Therapy
• No Language Restrictions Applied
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