Therapeutic management of primary immunodeficiency in older patients.

Drugs Aging. 2013 Jul;30(7):503-12. doi: 10.1007/s40266-013-0079-7.
Therapeutic management of primary immunodeficiency in older patients.
Verma N, Thaventhiran A, Gathmann B; ESID Registry Working Party, Thaventhiran J, Grimbacher B.

Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology, Royal Free Hospital and University College London, London, UK.

Primary immunodeficiency disease (PI) has traditionally been viewed as a group of illnesses seen in the paediatric age group. New advances in diagnosis and treatment have led to an increase in the number of elderly PI patients. However, there is lack of research evidence on which to base clinical management in this group of patients. Management decisions often have to be based therefore on extrapolations from other patient cohorts or from younger patients. Data from the European Society for Immunodeficiencies demonstrates that the vast majority of elderly patients suffer from predominantly antibody deficiency syndromes. We review the management of PI disease in the elderly, with a focus on antibody deficiency disease.

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