Plasma Protein Therapies

These unique therapies treat well-defined medical conditions, replacing missing or deficient proteins found in plasma, to allow their recipients to lead healthier and more productive lives. The patient populations that rely upon plasma protein therapies generally require regular infusions or injections for the duration of their lives.

Plasma Protein Therapies

Plasma-derived therapies and their recombinant analogs, collectively referred to as plasma protein therapies, are unique, biologic medicines, versus synthetic or chemical medicines, because production begins with plasma, a biologic starting material. Each therapy has its own unique biochemical profile, due to differences in production and processing methods, which results in different clinical responses and efficacy among patients.

Plasma protein therapies are not interchangeable and have been defined by regulators as sole-source biologic products because no generics or substitutions exist. In addition, their biological nature demands storage and handling requirements by specialty distributors that ensure their safety.

Plasma protein therapies are unique, biologic medicines that are either infused or injected to treat a variety of rare, life-threatening, chronic and genetic diseases. Learn more about the therapies used to treat these diseases and the patients who rely on plasma protein therapies.

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