Plasma Donation

The Power of Plasma Donation

From the PPTA Global Board of Directors: "Thank you, plasma donors!"

From PPTA:
"Thank you, plasma donors!"

Spotlight on Plasma Part One:
Together We Are Stronger

The Gift of Life

Becoming a Plasma Donor

Plasma Protein Therapies

Doctors Praise Plasma Protein Therapies

Saving and Improving Lives
Celebrating PPTA's 20th Aniversary

PPTA Webinars, Roundtables, Presentations​

 “Introduction to the Global Journey of Plasma"

Download in PDF

"Plasma 101"


Highlights from the Online Roundtable hosted by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland) (April 2021)


Highlights from the EP roundtable eventEurope’s need for more plasma Before, during, after Covid-19” (Dec 2020)


PPTA webinar on unique patient access challenges to plasma-derived medicinal products in COVID times
(Nov 2020)

Highlights from the EP roundtable event “Ensuring Appropriate Patient Access to Plasma-Derived Medicinal Products” (Oct 2020)

PPTA Podcasts

Plasma is Life podcast series episode 5:
Nancy Di Salvo, GBS|CIDP Foundation

Plasma is Life podcast series episode 4:
Vicki & Fred Modell, Co-Founders, Jeffrey Modell Foundation

Plasma is Life podcast series episode 3:
Dr. Toby Simon, CSL Behring

Plasma is Life podcast series episode 2:
U.S. Election 2020 Wrap-Up

Plasma is Life podcast series episode 1:
Dr. Karen Etchberger, CSL Behring



Social Media

PPTA’s social media channels seek to inform the public and to engage with policymakers and patient stakeholder organizations as we advocate for access to plasma protein therapies for those who rely on these lifesaving treatments. 

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