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PPTA President and CEO Anita Brikman speaks with Grifols Egypt CEO Dr. Magdy Amin

PPTA President and CEO Anita Brikman spoke with Grifols Egypt CEO Dr. Magdy Amin about the significance of this certification and the company’s commitment to providing trusted plasma medicines to the country. “It's extremely important to ensure a steady, sustainable supply of high-quality plasma medicines for the Egyptian patients who rely on them, and we are committed to enhancing their health and quality of life,” said Dr. Amin. Grifols Egypt’s plasma donation centers are the first outside of North America and Europe to receive IQPP certification. Donor safety is of the utmost priority for the IQPP certification. PPTA's voluntary standards program provides global leadership for the plasma protein industry's goal of continuous improvement with a focus on quality and safety from the donor to the patient. IQPP provides independent, third-party evaluation and recognition of a center's adherence to global industry standards for source plasma.
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