Ebola Virus and Plasma Protein Therapies

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During the October, 21 2016, Source Board of Directors meeting, the Board agreed to remove the voluntary deferral for 60 days of donors returning from Ebola virus disease affected areas in the previous 60 days. The deferral was originally implemented on or about October 13, 2014.

The events and circumstances which originally led to the voluntary deferral have changed. Many areas originally of concern are now not impacted by Ebola. eCDC’s “Areas with Ebola community transmission” webpage now lists Liberia, Montserrado county, only (last updated January 4, 2016). The industry will remain vigilant relating to Ebola and other potentially problematic infectious diseases that could impact donor wellness.

Please contact Mary Clare Kimber (mkimber@pptaglobal.org or 443.433.1112) if you have any questions or concerns.

Created on October 13 2014.